Welcome to our personal site!  
We appreciate you stopping by to find out who we are. Our Family:
Our daughter, Bronwyn, our son, Jason, and Bronwyn’s boyfriend, Chad
Both our sets of parents have been married for over 50 years
We both have siblings, nieces and nephews and many cousins (some of whom live abroad) Primary Residence:
Cape Town, South Africa Our Market:
Anyone who wants to earn an income stream that is recession or pandemic proof. Our hobbies and interests:
Camping, Self-drive safaris, Scuba diving, Mountain biking, Bodyboarding,
Walking the doggo on the beach, Nature, Hiking Our top five values in life (in no particular order) are:
Family, Love, Integrity, Staying in a place of gratitude even when it is challenging, Treating others as we would have them treat us.


When we met, we were in our teens and life was blissfully simple and carefree. Looking back now, after 30 years of marriage, I can say, without a doubt, that we’ve had our fair share of challenges, on a personal and financial front.  

We both started working straight after leaving school and were married soon thereafter. I’ve had many different jobs which include working as a Girl Friday (yes – that was an actual job title way back in the ’90’s), receptionist, data-capturer, office planner, operations manager, personal assistant and co-owner of an IT support company. Warren was involved in the corporate IT support industry for most of his career before establishing his own IT support company.   

There was a period of about 9 years before Warren established his IT company that we both worked full time at our local church. Warren followed his heart and did what came naturally to him – he spoke into the lives and of the youth and mentored them in the capacity of youth pastor. I am task orientated and threw myself into the detailed process of putting procedures into place for the institution as a whole; we were both instrumental in building various volunteer teams.  

When we started working at the church full-time, Bronwyn was four years old and Jason, two-and-a-half. 

It was around this time that we started a tradition of camping at the end of every year for a period of ten days to two weeks which we did for around eight years consecutively.  This became a highlight for us as a family because we love camping, the beach, the waves and the freedom of the outdoors.  

We were not at all expecting a major turn in events when I went into severe post-natal depression. Nor were we prepared for the major life-changing event which presented itself in my physical collapse, diagnosis with fibromyalgia and the long road to recovery. While I was hanging on to life by a thread, Warren and the children navigated each day with great courage and perseverance. 

This naturally also meant that our income was affected because I was not able to continue working. We have faced extreme financial difficulties over the years and lived off loaned money from our mortgage which in itself was stressful. 

We have, however, been in a fortunate position to live near to both our siblings and parents and we all enjoy each other’s company (well most of the time anyway 🙂 ) We have spent weekends away together and celebrated birthdays and Christmases together. Our lives have also been enriched by close friendships formed over the years – upholding each other through personal struggles and celebrating triumphs together.  

In July 2019 we started the immigration process and in March 2020 we landed in New Zealand. We were fed up with the crime, corruption and lack of security around us. And quite frankly, we were just plain exhausted and negative in general. The hamster wheel was spinning, and we didn’t know how to stop it.  

In a nutshell the day after we landed Warren started job hunting, lockdown happened two weeks after we landed, Warren got two job offers, we spent lockdown in a room in an air bnb, we then took a four week road trip around the South Island in a campervan while waiting for the work visa to be issued, Warren started working, we rented an amazing house at the beach, lived in paradise and soon realized that we felt unfulfilled and empty.

We then knew without a doubt that living life as we choose, true to our values, meant doing life everyday with our family and friends. So, we took a significant decision, gave up on living in “paradise” and returned home to South Africa, the land of our birth. 

We have always believed that everything in life prepares us for the next thing to follow. We are who we are because of our life’s experiences – the good and the bad. 


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