Feeling technologically challenged?

So I’ve decided to come back and tell you a bit more about this business opportunity because over the years Warren and I have been involved in various different network marketing business opportunities and this is why we were so sceptical to start with.

Believe me, this is nothing like that. We don’t need to bug our friends and family to sell a product.

This is a business that runs 24/7 and provides step-by-step training to develop the digital skills you need to create a life and business that you can sustain in any economic landslide. More than this, there is a community of like-minded people located all over the globe, each person building their own online business fashioned around their passion and interest who encourage each other. This program also gives us access to a support team so that we can ask specific questions around anything that we are struggling with in setting up our business.

If you were born in my era or earlier, you may well relate when I say that I feel completely inadequate and overwhelmed when I see the younger generation click here, click there and know exactly what to click where to get them to where they want to be in the digital world. To say that I am technologically challenged is an understatement.

I would never have taken on this training had they not specficially explained that they would lead me through every step of the way. Yes, I’ve had to “rewind” the video, watch and listen again in order to progress, but the amazing thing is is that I am really enjoying it and growing in self confidence daily.

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