Our Journey to New Zealand

From the first interview we had with our immigration agent to the multitude of YouTube videos watched, to the hundreds if not thousands of Facebook messages read – all of them said “know why you are wanting to immigrate” and make that your driving force to getting there and to help you through the tough homesickness you will experience.

For us it was a “now-or-never” scenario because our kids were both adults and living on their own and we were in our 50’s nearing the cut off age limit for immigration. So for us, our WHY was to be able to earn the NZD to send money back and help our family at home due to ever increasing taxes, cost of living and a collapsing economy; as well as to get away from a crime riddled country and lack of security.

Well that was the journey we started in July 2019 – having to get all the required documentation – tax certificates dating back to 1997, police clearances, unabridged birth certificates, marriage certificate, and the list goes on.

From arriving in Wellington in the North Island and moving down to Christchurch in the South Island for a job interview in a two week period, to spending lockdown in a room in an Airbnb after having your own house, was a challenging time, even though the host was amazing and made us feel at home, for which we were grateful.

We received the job offer during lockdown and were so excited that things were working out – now we had to wait for the lockdown to go to level two before we could have our medicals done and complete the work visa application.

As soon as lockdown level two was announced, we did the necessary, hired a campervan and set off on a road trip around the South Island. Wow, what a trip! We saw lots of stunning places and the whole experience was surreal, in that there were very few other tourists around which for us was right up our alley. We can report from firsthand experience that New Zealand is truly an awesome place with so much to do and it is so safe.

We finally got word that our work visas came through, thanks to my new employer, the recruiting company and our immigration agent all putting pressure on INZ.

So great – I started working for an amazing company with great work colleagues, had a company car and we hired a house at the sea. We had met our objective and all was well, but after the first few weeks we started realizing that the holiday was over and there was a hole that was not being filled.

I kept asking Sue, “What are we doing here?”.  Going back to the YouTube videos and what we said our why was,  “To be able to earn the NZD to send money back and help our family at home and also to get away from a crime riddled country and lack of security.”  This carried on for a while.

We then met up with a few friends from SA and in passing asked them how their relationships were now with their family back home, and they all said the same thing – that they were close at first but as time goes on things changed due to the different realities that each person lives in and they were not that close any more.

We realized that this was a bridge too far for us our “know your WHY for coming ” was not bigger than the desire to be close to family and friends back home. This is when we realized that our WHY was not what we had originally thought, but that our WHY is choosing to live life with our family and friends, despite the circumstances.

We have been on an amazing, adventure-filled time of our lives and we would not change it for the world to be able to gain perspective and realize what our why is.  Life is too short to do things that you might regret later.

Our aim is not to discourage anyone from leaving their home country to immigrate anywhere in the world.  Our aim is to highlight that it is vital you know what YOUR why is. Don’t kid yourself, it is not easy –  it is extremely difficult to immigrate, but if you know what your why is and it is in alignment with your values and purpose in your life then you can achieve anything you set out to.

Right now, sitting in Auckland waiting for our repatriation flight, we are so excited to be on our way back home. We know things are not going to be easy on that side but we will have our family and friends around us.

A big part of our decision to return home is that we have found a training program that teaches and supports us every step of the way to setting up an online global business, which is doable even for us at our age.  We’re new to this community and loving it.

Follow the link below to learn more, who knows this could be what you have been looking for!

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