Business Reflections

Working our business from our hotel in Auckland

We listened to the video and were very sceptical as there are a lot of sharks on the internet that just want to take your money.

I decided to email a couple asking them about this business opportunity because I needed to know the truth before suggesting this to Warren. I shared my heart and asked if this business would really work for us. I got a reply saying that it would be difficult to explain everything over email so we set up a skype call.

So I set my alarm for 5am to have a skypecall with them as they were in Canada. We wanted to see if they were “real” people like us. We found that that they were a lovely couple, slightly older than us and had been on this journey for two years.

They explained how their intentions originally were to make money and how through joining this community, their outlook changed and it was not only about making money but about helping people.

Based on the conversation we had with them, and the fact that this program comes with a 30-day money back guarantee, we decided that we had nothing to lose. So we immediately registered and started the course. Over the next two to three weeks, going through the different modules and steps, and setting up our business, we found ourselves becoming less sceptical.

Our aim is to update our blog regularly and give feedback of our journey. We’re going to be real and open as were record our activities for you to follow.

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